Thursday 5 May 2011

Rotoiti Rain

The rain falls on my tent this chilly morn
So once again a coat will need to be worn.
I'm snuggled now in my bag so tight
My future outside is not looking bright.
It rains it poures it comes down wet
A real foe in this weather I have met.
I'll get up soon, i'll make a break
For a shealter over there, I have breakfast to make.
But it seems so right to lie here and sleep
While the sky up above continues to weep.
The continuous rain is making me frown
A kick in the balls, its got me quite down.
That's not the spirit, that's not the way
With a smile on my face i'll make it today.
I'll bike outter here, I tell you I will
Up the hill in the rain, my what a thrill.
I'll get up soon, I'll do what I can
Hit the road after breaky, least that's the plan.
Bike out of here and into the sun
Just me, 2 wheels my bags and my bum.


  1. I like your attitude. Keep on riding into that sun!

  2. Hey Ben,

    Your photo's are great but the poem is by far my favourite!! I am wondering if you will look back fondly on the rain while biking in the eastern european summer sun? Awesome blog - it is fun to live your travels vicariously!