Thursday 16 June 2011

Doris a Snake and a wild goose chase

So there I was peddling on a sunny afternoon through the Bulgarian countryside heading towards the ferry boat boarder crossing to Romania when I damn near ran over a snake of about a meter. Didnt even see it till it was too late. Fortunately for the snake it saw me with just enough time to coil and throw a strike at Doris landing its teeth, or at least its head in an attempted Dublin Kiss on the front heft pannier bag. No dramas. Later that same day I was accosted by a Goose that took offense to me and chased as I idled past, it had a good head of steam up by the time it quit off the chase.

Romania has been good to me. This is my third night and I have stared and growled down any would be dog pursuers and I have twice been invited into peoples homes, tonight being one of those nights. They have lent me clothes so that none of my stash goes unwashed this evening. We drink Romanian wine and fumble with conversation over good hearty salt of the earth food and then they send me away in the morning after some photos and all that good stuff. They even tried to pawn clothes off to me as I left. I must be the stinky kid at school.

So there you go, just a short update to let you know that stories of Romania's bad lands are so far unfounded.

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