Monday 31 October 2011

Pine Forests and Train Tracks

About Time!! Good on ya boys
When one thinks back to the long days at work some 7 months ago and the day dreaming that took place I never imagined for a moment that I would be camped in so many pine forests and for that matter I never thought that this late in the year I would still be able to bike in the relative comfort of shorts and a light wind jacket. But there you have it. The riding has been for the most part very straight forward with the exception of a couple of insignificient rises it has been fast and flat, which is great because the landscape has not really changed for the last couple of weeks. There have been some fields that have been left to weed for the winter and there are those that have been turned over ready for next seasons planting then repeat as necessary and you get the idea.

Who hasn't ridden a tank??
I am in the capital of Lithuania at this current juncture in a town called Vilnius which has a lovely old and cobblestoned Old Town and a new and up market new town like many of the cities in Europe that I have wandered through. Getting in wasn't the easiest task and I am sure when I go to take my leave in the morning I will find it equally frustrating in the opposite direction. People here seem aloof but once we crack the outside of the nut they seem to be nice enough folks although as yet no one has gone out of their way to be particually helpful or generous, Perhaps I am becoming needy as I am nearing the potential end of the trip.

Camping in the trees. Poland

A week or so ago we were diligantly following the map to cross one of the larger rivers that snakes its way across the planes of Northern Poland heading for the chilly waters of the Baltic when we were stopped in our tracks. That is to say that the road stopped on the waters edge and as we viewed the expanse of the slow moving water we could make out the partially submerged bridge embuttments and imagine what the construction my once have looked like but in reality had to make 100km detour to make the correct heading on the opposite side.

Learning Early. Northern Poland
I had the great pleasure of watching the final of the rugby world cup again with Andy and I need not say more than good on the boys and I am proudly waving the Nz flag off the back of Doris. So obviously in fact that I was approached by a polish gentleman at the Lathuania Poland boarder restaurant who gave me a congragulations for winning the cup. He went on to quickly mention the efforet he needed to go through to make sure he caught the game. The week before was successfully unsuccessful??? I was in a small town trying to catch the Aussie game and making my way through a few of the open stores trying to find a tv and the game. Needless to say I did not see the game but came out of the bakery with a couple donuts some muffins and a hot cup of coffee for my worries. All that and not a word of understanding was spoken. Love it!!
Fall beauty, Poland

Fall, Poland

Welcome to Lithuania

No real problems to talk about. Doris has broken her peddle so it remains to be seen if that will be a big issue. It still works but something is very wrong. Otherwise she is running ok with the winter weight she has taken on. Apart from the Police waking me up in the middle of the night and a couple of curious locals sleeping through the long nights has not been a problem at all.  Thanks again for the comments.

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