Thursday 20 October 2011

Warsaw Saw War

Its been a few days back on the saddle since leaving the wonderfully wet and historic city of Berlin and into the German countryside and I feel remarkably good and ready for action after the long break. Leaving the German capital was one of the easiest riding experiences of the entire trip. Take for instance the pain in the ass Auckland was to ride into and the epic I had when I left Istanbul to start the Europe leg of the adventure and this really was a breeze. Not long thereafter I found my way to the open fields and pasture lands dividing Poland from Germany. So continue we did and have now arrived in the interesting city of Warsaw where we took in a museum of the uprising in the second world war and went for a tiki tour around the old town. I must admit, this is a city like many other cities I have been in and add to that the grey drab overcast day and the temperature hovering around 8deg C and its not really writing its own story. Never mind, tomorrow I head south in an effort to make sure I am in a position to catch the All Blacks playing in the World Cup final sunday morning Polish time.

I met with Joy in Berlin and she has been riding with me since then. The riding has been easy and we have been finding some great campsites along the way so it has been a good introduction for her. We have even been invited into a couple of homes for coffee and showers so it has been a very pleasant experience for everyone.We have been pushed along by a strong breese which has helped put some good kms on the clock although when we turn north in a couple of days there is potential that it will be very challenging with this very same wind. Not to worry.

Fortunately the riding temperature is excellent although after the sun sets and the frosts greet us in the morning I am happy for the gloves that I crochet for myself, just as any worm blooded nz male would in the same situation.

Thanks for all the comments, Pip, I am coming to see you in Dunedin atsome point so you will get a chance to see how Pimped out Doris has become. Take care Gina, didnt have a drink there but I am sure it was a lovely bar, and Liza, you're gross. Lots of love to you all.

No photos Im sorry, the internet is not the best.

Go the all Blacks, stick it up the french

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  1. Hey Ben great meeting u in Vilnius and would be so awesome if our paths cross again in this crazy world! Send me an email to My travel blog is but don't judge me on my experiences as just love to enjoy life to the max! I used to work in IT in various software, airlines and other companies around the world but don't work in it now so lost a lot of my IT knowledge as my travel blog will reflect! Thanks Mate

    Tomyo from Vancouver, Canada